Focus Groups

Focus Groups

Planning service delivery is changing: What does this mean for the profession and the public interest?

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Read our landmark report, produced in collaboration with the RTPI


Our landmark report, Serving the Public Interest: The reorganisation of planning services in an era of reluctant outsourcing, looks at the current provision of planning in different parts of the country. It is based on the findings from eight focus groups conducted across the UK with our partner organisation the RTPI throughout the spring and summer of 2018. The focus group findings were supplemented by a Freedom of Information request that is available as a separate FoI report

The focus groups gave us the opportunity to find out about the day-to-day work of planning practitioners from a range of backgrounds, gathering their views on issues faced by the profession and exploring the implications of current challenges and opportunities for the public interest. A detailed field report is available below for each of the focus group sessions.


Location Date Findings
Cardiff 04 April 2018 [Field Report]
Belfast 19 April 2018 [Field Report]
London 24 April 2018 [Field Report]
Edinburgh 30 April 2018 [Field Report]
London (for the South-East) 09 May 2018 [Field Report]
Leeds 10 May 2018 [Field Report]
Leicester 28 June 2018 [Field Report]
Bristol 29 June 2018 [Field Report]